BRETT RUSSELL, Personal Trainer

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen. Book a FREE consultation for help deciding what program will work best for you!

“A good coach can change a game, A GREAT COACH can change a life”

-John Wooden

“If you wish your life was different… do your life different”

-Terence Houlihan


The six things that happen After you book a free consultation

Email to confirm

You will be emailed a confirmation that you have been successfully signed up

ZOOM info

Attached to the email will be the zoom link as well as the password to enter

The best Program

The main purpose of the consultation is to find out which fitness plans suits you best

Health Tips

Included in our free consultation will be general health guidelines to enjoy life

Discuss Your goals

Brief discussion of your SHORT + LONG term goals and reasoning for reaching out

Starting Point

Any activity is better then none, we will discuss the perfect starting point for you