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The Studio Tour

Take a tour of our Home Gym Studio and what we have to offer. Perfect if the BIG GYM ATMOSPHERE is NOT for YOU. Our private studio has everything available that you can expect from any commercial gym. Our studio is used for clients who wish to do 1-on-1 training or simply working out on your own.

Kickstarting Healthy Lifestyles

The Studio

Also known as a squat rack. Mandatory piece of equipment for any gym allowing a wide variety of exercises to be performed

Attachment to the power rack allowing both Lat Pull down and vertical row to be performed with plate loaded weights

Attachment to the power rack allowing both Cable and Cable Crossover exercises to be performed with plate loaded weights

Upper-body strength exercise primarily utilized for the pectoralis muscles, triceps, and the anterior deltoids

Pull ups are one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the back muscles. Our bar has a wide variety of grip options based on your needs

We have an olympic barbell and weights available for all major exercises you can think of. The bar is 7 feet long and weighs 45lbs. The weights available are 2x45lbs, 4x25lbs, and 2×2.5lbs 

Stationary cardio machine where you can walk, jog or run. Options to adjust both the speed and incline are available. 

Stationary cardio machine that allows strengthening of the legs and lower body. Option available to adjust the resistance of the peddling. Heart rate monitor available for measurement while riding.

Three different strength bands available. Bands can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises.

  1. Red = 5-35lbs of resistance (Stretching)
  2. Purple = 25-90lbs of resistance (General)
  3. Orange = 80-190lbs (BIG DOG)

Are you a ninja warrior? Designed from the hit show, this piece of equipment is perfect for stability by activating the upper body and core!

Accessories to add to training as well as helping with warm up and cool down

This home gym lets you perform a wide variety of workouts with ease.

Station 1: Push Press, Leg Extention, Latpull down, Pec Deck

Station 2: Overhead press, Leg press

Station 3: Dips, Leg raises

Just Lift

$ 14
Per Session
  • 1 Hour Per Session
  • Schedule in Advance